⌛️ Past Events

These are Vue.js Frankfurt's past events. You can find links to resources from the events here as well.

Beginner's Training - Basics

Starting from February 20th we introduce you to different topics every week. We will meet every week until March 13th.

This first event will cover Vue.js' basics, using the developer tools and projects without webpack. Bring your laptop, as this is a hands-on workshop.

Recap: 10 Vue.js learners met. Thank you <code>monauts for the hospitality and the central location! We've covered the basics, and every learner now has a working Vue.js development environment on her or his laptop! Next week will cover vue-cli with full build automation and hot reloading.

When? Wednesday, February 20 @ 16:30
Where? <code>monauts

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February 2019: Next level Vuex - Undo & Redo for your Users

Today's event was all about Vuex and state handling in Vue.js apps.

In the main talk, Niklas will gave us a deep dive how to use Vuex to delight your users with undo & redo support! The intro talk just before the main talk covered the basics and when to use Vuex for state handling. These two talks covered for both beginners and experts in the field of Vue.js and Vuex.

Recap: About 35 Vue.js enthusiasts met; about half of them had already worked with Vuex before. Niklas gave us insights how to extend Vuex by writing your own plugin and the hooks available to do that. With this talk and the good Q&A session afterwards we've all learned something new today! With drinks sponsored by WeWork and food sponsored by msg this was a great evening for everyone.

Handling State in Vue.js Applications: Slides on Speakerdeck and code on GitHub

Next level Vuex - Undo & Redo for your Users: Slides on Speakerdeck and code on GitLab

When? Thursday, February 07 @ 18:00
Where? WeWork Neue Rothofstraße

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Holiday Special

Celebrate the holidays with CSS Frankfurt and Vue.js Frankfurt.

Recap: About 50 Vue.js and CSS enthusiasts met at Skydeck that provided us lots of space and a great night time view over Frankfurt. Victoria, Anett and Alex started with a short review of 2018 and preview of the events to come in 2019.

Afterwards seven teams showed their knowledge about Web technologies in a Quiz: Victoria presented 10 questions of which team undefined scored 9/10. The winning team was the first to pick from a variety of software licenses, tech gadgets, books and conference swag. Thank you Smashing Magazine, JetBrains and msg to fill our price box.

Thank you Skydeck for sponsoring drinks and providing the location, and melsicon for sponsoring the food!

When? Friday, December 14 @ 18:00
Where? Skydeck Frankfurt

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Beginner's Training - Project Setup with Vue CLI

For everyone who wants to learn Vue.js. This time setting it is all about setting up a project with vue-cli and Webpack.

Recap: We dived into Vue CLI 3 and discovered lots of new concepts in the example project on the way: Single File Components, Parent-Child, Router, and how to build a production-ready bundle. We also got a brief glance at axios to access remote APIs. Thank you for msg to provide location and drinks!

When? Friday, November 23 @ 16:30
Where? msg systems ag

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Beginner's Training - Basics

For everyone who wants to learn Vue.js from scratch we offer an evening class!

Recap: Our first training on November 9th was a success - 100% of all registrants came! Happy faces after two very intense training hours: learning the Vue.js basics, how to use the developer tools, avoiding pitfalls in day-to-day work. Thank you for msg to provide location and drinks!

When? Friday, November 9 @ 16:30
Where? msg systems ag

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Hacktoberfest Frankfurt 2018

Celebrate open source over food, drinks, and great company! Hacktoberfest is all about encouraging meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem. You do not need to be a developer or know to code to participate.

Recap: Over 10 Frankfurt communities/meetups joined the event and it was “sold out” with 150 registrations! Together the community worked on various projects and could track their project live on a leaderboard. To read more about the event, an article will published for your pleasure on Frontend RheinMain soon!

When? Friday, October 12 @ 18:00
Where? Mindspace Eurotheum

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Vue.js Frankfurt Kickoff Party!

It’s finally happening! We are excited to welcome you all to the Vue.js Kickoff Party!

At this event we hope to get to know as many of you as possible and brainstorm about thoughts and ideas for Vue.js Frankfurt. For example, if you would like to give a talk/workshop at a future event or know anyone who would be interested, we would love to hear from you. Victoria will also just be back from the Vue.js London conference and will share the latest news from the Vueniverse!

Recap: Our kickoff event was a great success thanks you to you, our members, and of course our wonderful sponsors: FastBill, melsicon, Bryter and msg. The venue was provided by FastBill and wonderfully decorated with Vue.js’ colours and stickers! To read a recap of our event, there is an article written by Anett (@emsuiko) published on Frontend RheinMain 😃

When? Friday, September 25 @ 19:00
Where? FastBill

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